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Professional.      Compassionate.     Personalized Care. 

            Shannon Deets Counseling                                                                   LLC

We are OPEN During COVID-19  &  Providing Telehealth Services

 Clinical Services

We understand that health and well being comes from a variety of sources and that not every service is a best fit for all people. Therefore we offer several services in an attempt to help clients find what works best for them. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of each individual's strengths and needs and will help them access the services that will benefit them most.

Psychological Evaluations

Children and Adolescents may benefit from services in the home, community, and school. Some of these services include therapy and behavior shaping. The first step in acquiring these services for your child involves having a psychological evaluation completed by a qualified professional. At Shannon Deets Counseling we strive to ensure that our evaluators have a complete picture of the child. We firmly believe that NOT EVERY CHILD SHOULD HAVE A DIAGNOSIS!

Therefore, after collecting information from a variety of sources including the child, the parents, caregivers, and educators regarding your child we will then discuss if your child's difficulties will likely improve with further development and maturation or if a variety of services including therapy, behavior shaping,Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services, Multisystemic Therapy, Family Based Mental Health or community resources may help.


At Shannon Deets Counseling LLC we offer individual, couples, family, and group therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. There are four therapeutic philosophies that inform our practice. Interpersonal Process Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Artistic Expressions.

Play Therapy

We offer Play Therapy in several forms at Shannon Deets Counseling LLC. Play Therapy is a strengths based approach. This means by using play, the child develops the ability to use his or her own unique strengths and thereby find solutions to the problems they face. Although Play Therapy uses many toys commonly found in many children's homes it is more than just playing with the child. A trained professional carefully watches the child's play, analyzes the meaning behind it, and then assists the child in using play to problem solve.

Play Therapy uses many of the element's of children's natural play to inform the therapist of the child's inner world and thereby helps the therapist to form a working theory of the child's difficulties. The kinds of Play Therapy offered at Shannon Deets Counseling include: Nondirective Child Centered Play Therapy, Sand Play, and Artistic Expressions. To read about specific examples of Play Therapy in action please visit our Play Therapy In Action page.


Hypnosis is a trancelike state in which you have heightened awareness, concentration, and the ability to disregard outside distractions. It has been found to have a variety of uses including reducing stress, treating phobias, improving tolerance of pain, and processing emotions. Therapeutic Hypnosis is different than "stage hypnosis" that is used for entertainment.

During hypnosis you always maintain your free will. This means you cannot be hypnotized against your will or to do things that make you uncomfortable. Hypnosis is not a miracle cure. It has been found to be helpful with smoking cessation and weight loss but it will not be effective alone. Hypnosis paired with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been shown to be more effective with life changing goals such as smoking cessation and weight lose. Anyone who wishes to begin hypnosis must be cleared by their primary care physician in order to make sure that there are no underlying medical difficulties that are contributing to their difficulties.

Some insurances cover hypnosis when it is used to treat depression, anxiety, or other mental health diagnoses. However insurance will not cover hypnosis conducted by a counselor to address weight loss and therefore this service would need to be paid for by the client independent of insurance.