WE ARE OPEN DURING COVID-19 and Providing Telehealth Services!!!!!

Shannon Deets Counseling LLC

Professional Compassionate Personalized Care

Welcome to Shannon Deets Counseling LLC 

Our motto is Professional Compassionate Personalized Care.

It is our hope to provide you with a professional and compassionate setting as we assist you in managing the stresses in your life. Our professionals are highly trained in a variety of techniques with years of experience working alongside individuals, couples, and families in Northwestern Pennsylvania. We strive to help our clients manage the difficulties in their lives and find joy, contentment, relief, and peace. Each of our professionals tailor a treatment plan to each individual's needs (even within a group setting). We makes a commitment to work with each client until they feel the difficulties in their life have improved to their satisfaction. Whether adjusting to a current life stressor or experiencing serious mental illness, the professionals at Shannon Deets Counseling LLC can help!

We provide outpatient counseling to both children and adults.

We offer a variety of services including individual, couples, group, and family counseling, as well as hypnotherapy and play therapy.

Our therapists are trained in addressing most emotional and mental health concerns including Depression, Personality Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Childhood Disorders, Autism, Anxiety Disorders, Posttramatic Stress Disorder, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Dissociative Identity Disorder (as well as many others!). Please take a look at each of our therapists' individual pages to learn more about their specialties.

Groups We offer: 

  • Adult and Adolescent Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Adult and Adolescent Anger Management
  • Adolescent and Child Social Skills
  • Social Skills for Adults with Intellectual Developmental Disorders
  • Caregiver or Parenting Process Group
  • Interpersonal Process Group for friends and family of individuals with mental illness
  • Adult Interpersonal Process Group for clients
  • Interpersonal Process Group for adults with dual mental health and substance abuse diagnoses
  • Experiential therapy groups using movement for children, adults, and helping professionals!

Groups run on an ongoing basis​ and new members can join at any time 

Contact us at 814-807-0487